Frequently Asked

How do I know my fruits are indeed organic?

  • At Stemilt, that’s easy. We pack our organic fruits under the Artisan Organics label, and include the PLU sticker on every organic apple and organic pear we ship in your gift box. Additionally, that sticker will have a leading “9” before the four digits, to designate it as organic. For cherries, which don’t come with stickers on them, a USDA Organic sticker will be on the bag of organic cherries. Organic certifications are regulated by the USDA or like state agency. In order for a farmer to achieve an organic certificate, he/she must farm that orchard organically (based on National Organic Program standards) for three consecutive seasons. The certificate must be renewed annually. On the packing side, facilities must maintain an organic certificate and uphold certain standards in order to ensure organic and conventional fruit does not co-mingle.

Are Stemilt fruits GMO (genetically modified organism)?

  • No, Stemilt does not use genetically modified seed to produce apples, pears or cherries.

I’m having trouble placing my order on the website. Is there another way to place an order?

  • Yes, feel free to call 800-315-2306 and one of our team members can place the order for you over the phone.

Will I receive an order receipt/order confirmation?

  • Yes! Please ensure that you have added to your contacts so that the confirmation email does not go to spam.

Can I change or cancel my order?

  • We’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you’d like to change or cancel, please call us immediately at 800-315-2306. If your order has already been prepared for shipping, we are unable to make changes.

Do you offer and send other types of fruit?

  • At Stemilt, we grow apples, pears, cherries and summer fruits such as apricots. Through our fruit gift boxes, we ship apples, pears, cherries and organics.

The fruit I want to order is out of season. Now what?

  • We’re sorry for that inconvenience, but seasonality is part of our fruit world. Please visit our site when the fruit is in season to place your order, or you can sign up to receive an email notification when the fruit is available. To sign up, click here.

Where is the physical location of your store?

  • We are located in Wenatchee, Washington. Come see us at 3615 US-97 ALT, Wenatchee, WA 98801.

What should I do if my fruit hasn’t arrived?

  • Please reference your Order ID in your confirmation email to track your order at the following link. If the status notes your fruit has been delivered and you haven’t received your order, please call us at 800-315-2306 or email us at

What should I do if my fruit is damaged?

  • At Stemilt, we believe each gift is meant for a specific purpose: to thank, to congratulate, to comfort, to surprise. Ensuring your gift meets the desired purpose is our ultimate goal. If our fruit does not meet your expectations, let us know by calling 800-315-2306 or emailing and we’ll replace the gift or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer. Be sure to provide us with the correct shipping address. We do our best to verify addresses with FedEx but cannot issue refunds that were delayed because of an incorrect address.

How long does shipping take?

  • In order to maintain fruit quality during shipping, we ship all items two-day standard. Cherries are shipped two-day but packed in a way that keeps them cold in order to maintain freshness. This means your order will never be in transit longer than two days. In some instances, your order may be delayed for up to one week due to adverse harvest conditions or fruit that doesn’t meet our stringent quality control. We make sure only the freshest and most flavorful fruit makes it to your doorstep! To ensure every gift is only in transit for two days or less, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you order by 11AM PST, we do our best to make sure your order goes out the same day. The majority of all orders ship within 72 hours; the exception being an order placed after 11AM PST on Wednesday or anytime Thursday-Sunday. Those orders will ship the following Monday.

How do I check my order status?

  • To track your order, visit and enter your Order ID and press the “Track” button. The Order ID can be found on your receipt and in the order confirmation email.

Can I send gifts to Alaska or Hawaii?

  • Yes, we are happy to send gifts to Alaska and Hawaii. We do charge an additional $24 per gift box for shipping.

How do I create a new account?

  • Once you are ready to complete your purchase, click on the red shopping cart button in the top right corner and select ‘Checkout’ from the drop down menu. The Checkout page will ask for Shipping Address Details, and under the State and ZIP sections, there is an option to create an account by entering a password.

What do I do if I forgot my username or password?

  • Click on this link and enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Is my personal information, including phone number, email address and credit card information safe?

  • Yes, you can shop at Sincerely Fresh by Stemilt online with confidence. We have partnered with Square to offer safe and secure credit card transactions for our customers. For more information, visit our Security page.