Our Fruit

Sincerely Fresh fruits are grown and packed by Stemilt, a family-owned fruit company based in Washington State. At Stemilt, we are committed to cultivating the best tasting fresh fruits, including apples, pears and cherries, through ideal growing locales, environmental care and industry innovation.

With our headquarters located in Wenatchee, Washington, “The Apple Capital of the World,” apples are one thing we know best. We are famous for our crisp, juicy, delicious apples, grown on prime orchard locations in Washington State. Flavor comes first for us, which is why we select the best apple varieties to grow.

Our pears are truly special and known as Rushing Rivers™ pears. That’s because they come straight from the two best pear growing locales in the world, the Wenatchee River Valley and Entiat River Valley, where mountain slopes meet pristine rivers. Pears are happiest when they grow here.

Come summer, we’re are all about cherries. Our founding family has been growing cherries on the same grounds for over a century. Our founder pioneered cherry growing practices in Washington State and today, his son passionately farms the best cherries on Earth. Our dark-sweet cherries and Rainier cherries are hand-picked and full of sweetness and dessert flavors worthy of the world famous designation.

If you are looking for organics, it will please you to know Stemilt is an industry pioneer in organics and sustainable farming. We converted our first orchards to organic in 1989, and haven’t looked back since. Our Artisan Organics program includes organic apples, organic pears and organic cherries. Read more about our farming practices here.