Orchard Share Fruit Club: 6 months of fresh fruit


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What’s in the box

For six months throughout the year, receive a fresh box of seasonal fruits from our orchards direct to your door. We pick and pack the best fruit available based on the season, to include: two months of dark sweet cherries; two months of apples; one month of pears, and one month of mixed apples and pears.

Membership duration is six months and is available to start at any time. You will receive fruit on the following schedule:

  • January; Piñata® Apples | 12-pack
  • February; Pink Lady® Apples | 12-pack
  • June; Dark Sweet Cherries | 4 pounds
  • July; Dark Sweet Cherries | 4 pounds
  • October; The Famous Duo Apples and Pears | 12-pack
  • November; d’Anjou Pears | 12-pack

Shipping weight varies.

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