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What’s in the box

Meet Rave®! This outrageously juicy apple with a refreshing snappy zing is another successor to the infamous Honeycrisp variety. Rave® is the trademark name for an apple cultivar developed at the University of Minnesota after crossing Honeycrisp and MonArk varieties. Rave® has a very juicy bite that explodes with a sweet-tart flavor.

Rave® is only around for a few months of each year. Order a gift box of Rave® apples now to taste one of the best apples around!

Exterior: A bright fuchsia-red color apple with an incredible crunch
Interior: Crisp white
Eating Experience:Very juicy and sweet with hints a nice balance of tart and sweet followed by a refreshing, snappy zing!

Rave® apples are available August and September.

Shipping weight: 8 lbs.

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