The Cherry on Top Combo 4 Lbs. Gift Box

The Cherry on Top Combo 4 Lbs. Gift Box


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What's in the Box?

Get the best of both worlds – a 50/50 mix (2 lbs. each) of our premium dark sweet and Rainier cherries.

  • Rainier Cherries are an exceptionally sweet, delicate cherry. This cherry’s attractive yellow to full-blush red exterior sets it apart from other cherries, along with its firm, smooth flesh and almost colorless interior.
  • Dark Sweet Cherries are famously sweet, firm and juicy. Depending on the variety, dark-sweet cherry exteriors range from red, to dark red, mahogany and almost black. They boast a round to heart-shape, with a firm and solid flesh that fluctuates in color from deep red to rich purple.

Out of season until June 2022


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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17.3 × 10 × 6.5 in