Three From the Tree Pear Gift Box (12 pack)


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What’s in the box

Sample your way through a colorful array of pears for a delectable tasting experience. This pear gift box features bronze, green and red pears; the specific variety included in your gift box will vary depending on seasonality.

Bronze Bosc Pears

  • Marked with long necks, a bold yellow-bronze color and russet skin, these elegant pears have a crisp-dense texture and sweet, balanced flavor with a hint of fall spices.

Yellow/Green Pears (one type of variety included based on seasonality)

  • Bartlett Pears: abundant juice and sweetness make Bartlett pears our favorite variety in the late summer and fall months.
  • d’Anjou Pears – these green pears are sweet and citrus-forward, with a firm, dense interior that ranges in color from pale green to white.

Red Pears (one type of variety included based on seasonality)

  • Red d’Anjou Pears – these aromatic pears are nearly identical to their green counterpart, though with a deep maroon exterior and interior flesh that ranges in color from off-white to creamy pink.
  • Starkrimson – these beautiful crimson red pears have a balanced juicy and sweet flavor with floral undertones.

All the pears in this gift box are Rushing River pears, meaning they are grown in Central Washington’s Wenatchee River Valley or Entiat River Valley, the two best spots for growing pear varieties in the world. They arrive ripe and ready to eat in just a few days.


  • 4 bronze pears (Bosc)
  • 4 green/yellow pears (d’Anjou or Bartlett)
  • 4 red pears (Red d’Anjou or Starkrimson)

Shipping weight: 9 lbs.

Additional information

Weight: 9 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5 × 12.5 × 4.75 in

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