Organic Cream of the Crop Apple Gift Box (12 pack)


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What’s in the box

This premium organic apple gift box features three exquisite apple varieties and provides both sweet and tart bites so you taste the best of both worlds. The apples are grown in our pristine Washington State orchards, where they are carefully tended and hand-picked at perfection.

  • Organic Honeycrisp – exceptionally juicy and with a beautiful blushed scarlet and pale yellow skin, the Honeycrisp offers a refreshing sweetness and unique texture that cleanly crunches and breaks with each bite.
  • Organic Pink Lady® – named for its vibrant pink hue, Pink Lady apples have a tart flavor with an effervescent finish and bright white flesh resistant to browning.
  • Organic Piñata® – our signature and exclusive apple variety, Piñata® apples are incredibly crisp and juicy with a hint of tropical flavor.


  • 4 organic Honeycrisp apples
  • 4 organic Pink Lady apples
  • 4 organic Piñata apples


This premium organic gift pack is in season October through April.

Shipping weight: 8 lbs.

Additional information

Weight: 8 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5 × 12.5 × 4.75 in

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